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About Us


Mental Health Wellness

1 in 5 Americans suffer from or experience mental health issues.  Many affected persons go untreated and are unable to receive the help they need to live their best life.

Karl B. Hobbs, backer and Samaria Greene, LMFT, MHA collaborated ,  to create a platform for a team of licensed mental health therapists and counselors to help persons experiencing poor mental health get the help they need.

Covid-19 and concerns about contracting the virus also negatively impacts on mental health.  Assurance understands that those experiencing phsycial symptoms experience anxiety, stress and depression.  Access to quality and safe PPE's combined with access to therapists as the company continues with physical distancing is an essential mental health tool. 

Providing you with the best therapists for the best care

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Samaria Greene, Lmft, Mha

Samaria has extensive experience with in patient and outpatient mental health patients.  Mental Health Wellness focuses on a wholistic approach for those who seek improved mental health.  


Abolee Montanari, LCSW

Abolee has a passion for helping people.  "Everyone has a story to tell".  Understanding your personal story and your jouney allows me to provide you with the tools you need to improve your mental health.

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